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The Near North is a geographically large area encompassing schools and work sites in Mactier, Parry Sound, Britt, Dunchurch, Sundridge, North Bay, Mattawa and to Sturgeon Falls. Despite the size of our Board, we remain an active Bargaining Unit built on the strength of our members involvement on a District, Bargaining Unit and local level. We offer a wide range of opportunities for participation in our Federation and have boasted tremendous OSSTF leadership through the years. District 4 members have and continue to make significant contributions through membership on Provincial Committees, strong contract negotiations and unified Political Action

Latest News

  • Student Achievement Awards - Fall 2021
    The Student Achievement Awards is a writing and creative arts competition, which is open to all public secondary school students in Ontario. The competition is meant to encourage the intellectual development of our students and an interest in society. The 1984 Provincial Assembly established the awards, in honour of Marion Drysdale, a secretary at OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Office for twenty-two years, for her dedicated work and commitment to public education.

    The link to the provincial site below will bring you to application forms, tips for students, tips for teachers and other information related to the competition. 

    For more information, click here. It will take you to the Provincial OSSTF site.
  • Election Readiness - Local Town Hall Meeting

    Townhall meeting Thursday, October 14th from 6 to 7:30

    Do you imagine an Ontario government that truly values publicly funded education? One that respects bargaining and the needs of our students? OSSTF/FEESO’s leadership wants to change the Ontario Provincial Government to make this happen. OSSTF/FEESO created the Strengthen Public Education: Rebuild Ontario election 2022 platform by listening to tens of thousands of member voices.

    Join the conversation in District 4 on October 14th “Speaking to the OSSTF/FEESO 2022 Platform—Telling our Stories” Virtual session.

    If you're interested, contact us at southvp-teachers@d04.osstf.ca to receive the link and/or call in details.
  • Annual General Meeting 2021
    The Annual General Meeting for District 4 is set for Monday, May 17th at 6pm. The D4 TBU/OTBU and D4 ESSPBU AGM's will follow the District4 AGM. Click the link in the title for more details.
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