Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
DISTRICT 4 Near North

District 4 All Members Election Challenge

Election 2018 Challenge


Hey D4 education workers, the Provincial Election is well underway, and we want to make sure we have 100% voter turnout among our members. We know that you all are super busy this time of year so we, your executive, have created a fun little contest to help keep the voting booth in the back of your mind.

So how does it work - We have purchased two $200 gift cards to the LCBO, Canadian Tire or Sobeys for you to win.

How do I win – simply enter as many as eight ballots into the two draws and you are eligible.

When is the draw – There are 2 draws, one on May 25th and a second draw on June 8th. You are eligible to win either or both gift cards draws as all ballots remain in the draw right to the end.

How do I get a ballot – simple, every time you do one of the actions listed below, send a quick email to district4@osstf.ca with your name and the election action you completed. You will automatically be entered with one ballot per election action completed. You can get up to 8 ballots if you complete all the tasks and will greatly increase your odds of winning.

What if I never win anything – you are in luck. If you complete 5 out of the eight suggested actions on the list and email district4@osstf.ca you will automatically win a $10 Tim Hortons gift card and you will still be entered into the draw for the $200 gift cards so everyone can be a winner.

When do I get my prize – soon after the election we will find you and get you your prize and the winner will be announced through a President's message shared through your local OSSTF email.

Do I have to vote for certain candidate – No. It is your choice who you vote for but we will be sharing information on all the candidates and we strongly encourage you to vote for one that is education friendly, but this contest is non-partisan.

Ballot actions

  • Vote (on election day or better yet in an advance poll)
  • Review each of the 4 parties and their platform online
  • Attend an all candidates meeting or go to a campaign office or go to campaign event
  • Talk to someone else about the election and encourage them to vote
  • Bring an eligible family member or friend to the polling station to cast their ballot
  • Help a new voter register for the election
  • Place an election sign on your lawn
  • Canvass for your favourite candidate