Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
DISTRICT 4 Near North

Election Readiness - Local Town Hall Meeting

OSSTF needs members to help prepare for the 2022 provincial election.

Do you imagine an Ontario government that truly values publicly funded education? One that respects bargaining and the needs of our students? OSSTF/FEESO’s leadership wants to change the Ontario Provincial Government to make this happen. OSSTF/FEESO created the Strengthen Public Education: Rebuild Ontario election 2022 platform by listening to tens of thousands of member voices.

The platform outlines the “building blocks for student success” that will “enhance the social and economic fabric of a diverse, dynamic, and prosperous province.” The platform is one opportunity to talk about OSSTF/FEESO’s political vision through personal connections. We need to tell our stories, we need to make it personal.

Join the conversation in District 4 on October 14th “Speaking to the OSSTF/FEESO 2022 Platform—Telling our Stories” Virtual session.

If you're interested, contact us at southvp-teachers@d04.osstf.ca to receive the link and/or call in details.