Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
DISTRICT 4 Near North

Preparing for the Provincial Bargaining Survey

In preparation for the upcoming round of bargaining, the Provincial Bargaining Priorities Survey will be conducted in the near future. This is your opportunity to provide input into the bargaining process and have your say about what issues are important to you. We strongly encourage you to participate. As in the last round, there will be a survey for Teacher members, a survey for Occasional Teacher members, and a survey for Education Worker members.

New this year will be the opportunity for equity and/or sovereignty seeking members to provide further input.

Following the same process as the last round, the survey will be conducted electronically. We have again engaged Strategic Communications Inc. (Stratcom) to assist in the distribution of the survey and collection of data. Each member will be sent an email from Stratcom containing a unique link to the appropriate survey. Note that members who hold multiple positions will have access to all applicable surveys. For example, a member who works as a casual Educational Assistant and also as an Occasional Teacher will receive links to both the Occasional Teacher and the Education Worker survey.

Additionally, Stratcom will once again be conducting focus groups with members following the analysis of the survey results to provide a deeper understanding of members’ priorities.

In order to receive the link for the survey, all members must provide a personal (non-school board) email address to OSSTF/FEESO.

Please note that each member will need to provide a unique personal email address. Multiple members who are in the same family cannot use the same email address used by the family for this purpose. In addition to a unique personal email address, members will also be asked to provide a contact phone number. Phone numbers may be used to assist in gathering additional information to supplement the survey. Members will be required to provide an email address in order to participate, however, providing a phone number is optional.
Instructions on Registering to Receive the Bargaining Survey:

Members should be aware that, you may have registered for a previous survey, your email address is now being collected specifically for the purpose of registering for this current survey.

Members can go directly to the voting centre after logging into the provincial website to register to participate in the bargaining priorities survey.

In order to complete the registration process, members need to do the following:
• Go to https://www.osstf.on.ca.
• Select the Member Login button on the right side of the Provincial Website homepage.
• Login using your 5 or 6 digit OSSTF/FEESO membership number (or create your account, then login). • Select the “Voting Centre” button on the right side of the Registered User homepage.
• Note that if you do not see the voting centre button, try using a different web browser as your browser settings or add-ons may prevent access to it.

If you do not know your membership number, then please call the Database department at OSSTF/FEESO Provincial Office (1-800-267-7867).

The registration process is now active and will be available for two weeks, until Friday, December 10, 2021.

All account inquires must go to the Membership Database Department at: